Sunday, June 5, 2011

Two-page Sketch #16


You can download and print this sketch by clicking on the two-page sketches link found under the "printable sketches" tab on the right sidebar.

This sketch has been sitting in my personal sketch book for quite some time and I was so happy to finally turn it into an official sketch!

While the sketch has only three photos, just like most sketches there are lots of ways to include more. Here are a few options for adding more photos:

• Four 3 x 4 photos in place of the two 6 x 4 photos
• Six 2 x 2 photos in place of one 6 x 4 photo
• Two 6 x 3 photos in place of the 6 x 4 photos, a 3 x 3 in place of the 3 x 4 photo, and an extra row of 3 x 3 photos above or below the photos on the sketch. You'll have to adjust the papers to fit like adding more height to the background piece and moving the whole design down.
• Add another 6 x 4 photo in place of the 3 x 4 and extend the papers to the edge of the right page.
• Add three 2 x 2 photos in a row just below the the row of pictures on the sketch
• Add another 3 x 4 photo in place of the flowers on the left page
• Replace the bottom strips with pictures. You can use the same size of pictures as the row of photos on the sketch.

There are also a lot of ways to change the theme of the page. The area with the flowers is a great place to add some larger embellishments and can be a fun way to play around with the theme. A few ideas are:

• lollipops
• fireworks
• Christmas trees
• a big three tiered birthday cake
• a house
• a big splash of water
• bubble wands with bubbles all around them
• pinwheels
• ice cream cones or popsicles
• balloons

Check back on Monday to see all the great layouts from our creative team!

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