Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sketch Support, the class

This month kicked off our first round of downloadables at www.scrapbookgeneration.com. We have a variety of free sketches, single sketches, sketches with layout samples, groups of sketches with a specific theme, and classes. Each month, on the third Tuesday, we will add new downloads to our online store. All downloads are new, never before published sketches and will remain in our store indefinitely.

This month we have:

1 Sketch 3 Looks - 89¢
Memorabilia Pocket: one double-page layout sketch (includes six 4x6 photos, display pockets for printed souvenirs and journaling blocks) and three full-color layout samples (one travel, one school, one sports)

On the Border: one double-page layout sketch (includes five 4x6 photos, two separate areas to showcase scalloped or zigzag borders) and three full-color layout samples (one summer, one Halloween, one Christmas)

Sketch Trio - $1.29
8x10 Portrait: three double-page layout sketches by Debbie Sanders (each features an 8x10 photo and 3-4 additional photos)

8x10 Landscape: three double-page layout sketches by Debbie Sanders (each features a 10x8 photo and 2-4 additional photos)

5x7 Portrait: three double-page layout sketches by Debbie Sanders (each features one or more 5x7 photos and 3-6 additional photos)

5x7 Landscape: three double-page layout sketches by Debbie Sanders (each features one 7x5 photo and 4 additional photos)

Allison Davis Class: three double-page layout sketches by Allison Davis (this set features sketches from one of Allison's sold-out Scrap-a-Palooza classes)

Individual Sketch -- 49¢ each 
• Travel: one double-page layout sketch by Debbie Sanders (features 6 uncropped photos and one 4x4 photo, plus an oversized journaling space)

Free Sketch -- free to everyone! 
• One Page Layout: one single-page layout sketch by Allison Davis that can be downloaded by anyone, compliments of Scrapbook Generation

Class -- $15 
• Sketch Support: My popular online class that I taught at My Creative Classroom is being offered in PDF form through Scrapbook Generation.

The non-interactive class includes over 80 pages of instructional materials and sample layouts. Originally priced at $30 and now offered for half the price ($15), the class is exactly the same minus the online interaction with me. (However, if you have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask either here on my blog or by emailing me at allison@scrapbookgeneration.com.)

You can read more about Sketch Support, the class by clicking here and here and can purchase the class here.

I'm really excited about all the new ways we are able to offer sketches, layout samples and classes! I'm currently working on the class for September and sometime in the future I hope to have a Sketch Support 2.


Mendi said...

Thanks for the freebie! I am mostly a single page scrapbooker so I am always so happy to have another single page sketch of yours to use as inspiration! :)

Heather said...

I'm sort of confused..in the store, if you can't see the sketches somewhat, how do I know I want to buy them? I mean, I know you can't post them b/c then people would just copy them, but I don't want to buy something I can't see? Does that make sense? How do I know I'll like the sketches?

Cindy said...

Sketch Support 2 would be awesome!

IlianaM said...

Yeah!! Your back. Have I told you how much I have missed you? Please never leave me again. The hole in my scrap heart is filled once again.

csewy-csescrap13 said...

I attended a crop last weekend in Wichita, Ks and purchased my first "sketches for scrapbooking" volume #6....I love it! I wanted to buy all of your books but will have to wait until later. Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration!

Ilse said...

Where can I finf it? I searched the complete store, the two blogs and can't find any sketches???