Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two-Page Sketch #11


• You can download and print this sketch by clicking on the card sketches link found under the "printable sketches" tab on the right sidebar. 

We have found another way to offer the PDFs of the sketches. The download and print options are on the bottom of the sketch. The download tab has an arrow pointing down and the print tab has a little icon of a printer. Right now the only sketch that is available as the new PDF is Two-page Sketch #11. I will get the others changed to the new version as soon as possible. If you have any trouble downloading or printing, email me at

With 10 photos on two-page sketch #11 you shouldn't have any problem fitting each picture you want to use on the page. One thing I love about sketches with a block of photos is that the possibilities are truly endless and there are pretty much zero limits on what sizes of photos you can incorporate onto your page. Like, enlargements, smaller cropped photos, or even all 4 x 6 photos (replace the 3 x 3 photos with two vertical 4 x 6 photos and adjust the page as needed.) There are so many different photo combinations that you can use to fit in the 19 x 12" photo block. 

We've got a week full of layouts to share based on two-page sketch #11 and lots of different ways you can adapt this sketch to fit what you want to use. The two-page week of fun starts tomorrow!

There's still a little bit of time to leave a comment to be eligible for the drawing for the Unibind PhotoBook Creator! (The post is two posts down.)


Scrapthat said...

Oh this is a Beauty!! You can do a TON of pics with this one!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Geri said...

I just found this site and love it... this is an awesome sketch and I love that it contains so many photos.

sillypea said...

(gasp) Look at all those photo spots! You are my design hero - printing this out now to take to my scrap desk - thank you!

alwayscharlie said...

Love it!!

Luv2talk said...

Thanks for figuring out a way to make them printable again. Some of us are not very techno savvy:)

PokeyPuppy said...

I check your site daily and am always thrilled to see the new creations whether it's cards of layouts. I am learning so much, too! I want to thank you also for changing the way we can access and print the layouts. (I am probably one of the very few people left who does not want to join a social website.)
I do have a question - one time you metioned having your photos printed by a service. Is there a reason you don't print your photos yourself?

connie said...

love this sketch!