Monday, August 29, 2011

Gallery Week

When the creative team members ventured into the giant sea of layouts in our Sketch Support gallery, it was not an easy task to pick a favorite! Today we've got Katrina Hunt and Christy Arthur's picks to share with you and I think you'll quickly see why they were favorites!

"Mother's Day Picnic" by Sherri Thompson
based on Two-page Sketch #17
Picked by creative team member Christy Arthur

The things I loved about Sherri's layout:

1. the colors - I love the neutral grey cardstock with the bright colors of the sun and butterflies against it. I also liked the colors of the additional paper and borders behind the photos.

2. the butterfly chain - love how it perfectly and so delicately drapes across the bottom of the layout. So simple, understated and perfectly lovely. Plus the two tone butterflies are always a favorite of mine!

3. the giant sun - love the diecut and how it adds just the right amount of color and interest against the cardstock. It fills in the space on the right side of the layout and adds so much to the layout. Love it.

  • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

"Camping With Our Cat" by Laurel Seabrook
Picked by creative team member Katrina Hunt

Laurel's layout caught my eye for the sheer fact it had a cat in it! I love the fact that she is documenting that they take their cat with them camping. I don't know of a lot of people that do that!

The pictures she used you could tell were candid moments and sometimes those are the best ones.

The banner in the corner with the clouds is a super cute embellishment. Layouts that have those type of embellishments in the corner tend to catch my eye. The mix of elements is a great one without being too overpowering. And I like the fact she used different fonts/letters on her layout. That is always a good way to add some fun to your layouts, no matter what you are scrapping!

Great job Laurel, I love your cards, but you are an awesome layout girl too!

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Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop

We don't have a new sketch to share here this week but there is a new two-page sketch up at Counterfeit Kit Challenge. I designed a new two-page sketch for their blog hop so go check it out and hop along to see the awesome layouts based on it!


Laurel said...

Thank you so much for featuring my layout! love Sherri's too!

dawn said...

These both look fun and colorful, like them both. Congrats on being picked.

Paper Doll said...

Great layouts! I especially love the camping kitty layout. Congrats all around!

Robbie said...

Such terrific picks!!!

Sherri, I just love the way you did that butterfly trail!! So pretty! Love how the sun,too!

Laurel, your layout is so Fun! Love all the different fonts and journal pieces! Such a cute banner with the cloud!

Thanks for sharing your pages!!

Anonymous said...

I'm giddy that my layout was featured, and with Laurel's, too! I missed it yesterday (no power or internet thanks to Irene!) so I'm so glad to catch it today! Thanks, Allison and Christy, for sharing it!

Ashley Horton said...

Great picks!! I love all of the details on both of these layouts!