Sunday, February 5, 2012

Two-page Sketch #25


You can download and print this sketch by clicking on the two-page sketches link found under the "printable sketches" tab on the right sidebar.

Lots of papers, lots of pictures and fun embellishments too! There are so many possibilities with this one!

For the papers you could use several different sizes of smaller strips to make up the background or add in some other elements like border strips or felt borders. As for the flowers, try any large embellishment in it's place to fit your theme like a big house, a tree, a big flourish, etc.

One thing I love about photo blocks like on this sketch is that you have endless photo combinations to use. I look at it like a puzzle and try to find different sizes that will measure up to the same overall size of the photo block. There is even plenty of room to add in some vertical 4 x 6" photos and increase the height of the photo block.

Check back tomorrow and throughout the week to see the wonderful layouts created by our creative team!


Karen said...

Thanks for posting early! My favorite week every month is 2 page sketch!

Anonymous said...

Sketch 25 isn't in the printable section yet =( Anyone else able to print it out?

MaryAnn N. said...

Usually does not show up same day..

Anonymous said...

Thanks Im new to the site.... Wasn't sure how it worked =)

Darla Weber said...

I just recently found this site and am loving the great inspiration. I love working with sketches and love the variety provided since I like to make cards, one and two page layouts. Keep up the great ideas.

Allison Davis said...

Usually the sketches are posted at the exact same time as the reveal post (Sunday at 12:00) but once in awhile the site has trouble uploading the sketch. It's not often that it happens but when it does it can take a day or two before it will show up in the printable sketches section. I wish we had more control over how quickly they show up!

Tootie said...

My favorite week the 2-page sketch. Can't wait to see all the posts.