Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sketches for All Ages, Part 2

Today we are featuring layouts from 4-year-old Mason and 5-year-old Caden, sons of creative member, Amy Roller. From the looks of the pictures, they had a great time creating their cute layouts and did such a wonderful job making their own embellishments to go with them. Amy also shares lots of great tips and the approach she took to help them create their pages.

"Trucks" by Mason Roller, age 4

What do you like about scrapbooking?
My favorite is sticking stuff on it..like pictures.

How much does your Mom scrapbook?

What is your favorite color?
Red, blue, black , green, purple, orange, and yellow. All of them are the best!
Oh, and white. I like ALL the colors!

What is your favorite scrapbooking supply?
Colors, paper and scissors are my favorite! ( You may see a theme here, he doesn't discriminate against anything being his favorite!)

What is your favorite thing about this sketch?
Putting on the pictures was the best part! (It is nice to see they know that the photos should be the focus. I hadn't expected that answer out of either of them and I got it out of both!)

If you could have your mom make a page about anything what would it be?
Make a page about Bella (the cat), Papa, Daddy, the backhoe, my toys and everything I like! Make it with all of it!

What is your best tip for other scrapbookers?
Scrapbook your pictures, then put 'em on the fridge and take them to Granny!

"Cardinal Game" by Caden Roller, age 5

What do you like about scrapbooking?
It's really fun when I get to put stuff together and show people my family.

How much does your Mom scrapbook?
LOTS!! I mean really, really a lot. ( If I have any free time he knows where I will be...)

What is your favorite color?
Red, black, and orange (It's always these three, he never just picks one!)

What is your favorite scrapbooking supply?
Markers are my favorite, I like drawing. (90 % of the time he's not in school, he's drawing or writing something.)

What is your favorite thing about this sketch?
My favorite thing was picking out the pictures. I like making stuff of my family. (This is true, he draws new pictures of all of us together almost every day and if he's feeling a certain way he will tell us by writing a note!)

If you could have your mom make a page about anything what would it be?
I love it when she makes pages of me and tells me how much she loves me!

What is your best tip for other scrapbookers?
Make sure you put the pictures in the right spot. (If he thinks he messed something up, he will start all over instead of trying to fix it. I don't know who he gets the perfectionist trait from...wink, wink)

I went with the March one-page sketch because I thought a two-page sketch might overwhelm them.

I let them decide on pictures and made sure we could find enough for the sketch and I copied and cropped them down. Caden had pics of Springfield Cardinal Baseball with his grandparents and Mason used him and Papa playing cars. I then let them help pick out papers that sort of went with their pictures and I cut them to match the sketch. I also let them choose a few extras out of my scrap piles or make their own embellishments. I was surprised at what they went with, things actually worked well
with their pages and Caden has a great imagination, so he altered a few things to make his page like the sketch! I am surprised at how well they did on their own.

To start off I explained what the sketch was and how we picked papers to go in each area. Caden, who is almost six did well without much explaining. ( You know you're a true scrapbooker when your 5-year-old knows what a "sketch" is and knows what to do with it!) Mason is four and needed a little more help understanding what he was supposed to do. With him, I would say, "Can you find the stripes on this page (sketch)? Ok now can you put it where you think it goes on your page?"

For the title and journaling areas, I wrote what Caden wanted to say on another scrap paper and he copied in his writing to his page.

 Mason just told me what he wanted his to say and where to put it and I wrote it for him because he can't really do that just yet.

Caden was better at keeping to the sketch and would keep moving things till he had them right where he wanted.

Mason, had more of the stick and go approach!

I loved the little "Cardinal" bird embellishment Caden picked. It fit his theme well and he even added little bird legs! Too cute!

 He also surprised me when he decided to tear a scalloped journaling spot in half because he said it looked like the clouds in the sketch. He tends to be very detail oriented! I let Mason pick a few elements out to add but he wanted to draw his own car embellishment, so he did and added it to his page.

They had a lot of fun and Caden can't wait to see if his page shows up on the computer like Mommy's! They were both so proud.

Caden even said he had "to go show Daddy because he was gonna be so proud of me!" Mason promptly carried his upstairs and announced it needed to go up on the refrigerator. And we can't forget to show Granny!

I am glad we did this and now have them to add to their scrapbooks.


dawn said...

This is so cute. I love that even little boys like to make layouts and have fun with it. The ideas that kids come with and add to their pages is what makes them special too. They have a way of thinking that we as adults don't.Thanks for sharing and tell them they both did great.

Scrapthat said...

Great work!! I really like the artwork you added to the LOs to go with the pictures! Way to go!!

mustangkayla said...

How fun for them! Cute pages and cute pictures!

Scrapenabler said...

I love your theme this week. So cute to see all the scrappers at such an early age.

Allison Davis said...

Great job Mason and Caden! How cute are their handmade embellishments! I love how you described Mason as "stick and go" and Caden was moving things until he had them where he wanted. I wonder if it's the 1st child, 2nd child thing? I can so see Drew and Jackson doing the same thing!

BrendaB said...

Those pages are just priceless! You can see how hard they worked and how proud they are of the end result!

Scrapbook Generation said...

Caden and Mason are absolute dolls. I had the best time reading about them scrapbooking and wanting to share the projects. I know that Mom and Grandma are really proud, as they should be! -- Debbie

Christine said...

Great job my little scrapbookers. Both of you have done great work and I am very proud of both of you. You will have to call PA and tell him to get on the computer and look at your really cute pages.

cherrie said...

Watch out Amy they are libel to kick you out of yor scrapbooking room and take over.. I can see Caden doing this. The layouts were great. You should be proud.

Cynthia B. said...

Wonderful pages, Mason and Caden!
(Love how their personalities shine through when they scrap! :) )

Sharon said...

Great job boys! Mom better watch out or you boys will be using up all her supplies and she will have to go out and get some more. Darn!
Keep Scrappin'.

Amy said...

I am so glad we got to do this together..(they have been so excited!) I am so proud of you and your pages (and so are they). Great job boys!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you boys...your pages turned out great.
Love Papa

Anonymous said...

I totally, totally love this!!!!


Michelle said...

Does this bring back memories!!! My middle who just turned 13, has been scrapping with me since she was 4! I have photos and have scrapped them of her making her pages. I have yet to try it with my 4 yr old boy. I have a feeling he would be a stick and go, like your youngest. I do give him my punches to punch with while I am scrapping. Aren't CM's photo splits the best for the little hands to stick on! Love them.. wish they still made them! Way to go, boys!! Your pages are fantastic!! :)