Sunday, May 8, 2011

Two-Page Sketch #13


 You can download and print this sketch by clicking on the two-page sketches link found under the "printable sketches" tab on the right sidebar. 

When May and June roll around in my house it's celebration time with two birthdays about a month apart. I must have been deep in party planning mode when I designed this one!

This sketch is perfect for any celebration theme like birthdays and parties. That doesn't limit the sketch though. You can always remove the banner and add more patterned paper strips or other elements in it's place. Like a decorative border, clouds and a sun, or a row of smaller photos.

Two-page Sketch #13 has room for eight photos but, just like every sketch, it can easily be adapted to more or less. A few photo adjustments you can do to make the sketch work for you:

• remove the three 2 x 2 photos
• use a vertical 5 x 7 in place of the two 4 x 6 photos
• use 3 x 3 photos in place of the 4 x 4 photos
• split one of the 4 x 6 photos into two 3 x 4 photos
• add more 2 x 2 photos and shorten the journaling space
• add more photos in place of the banner

Check back tomorrow for the beginning of Two-page Week! 

The blog hop giveaway is still open until 12:00 tonight so you've still got time to enter. We'll announce the winner of the hop giveaway tomorrow. 


Michelle said...

You know, when I first looked at this, I thought of all of my Christmas photos!!! :) I will be playing with this one! :)

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Love the various photo sizes and the generous room for journaling! Another winner!

mthata said...

What a fun layout! I might just have to try using banners.

Shawn said...

Absolutely amazing!!! In love with these layouts and this sketch!