Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two-Page Sketch #18


You can download and print this sketch by clicking on the two-page sketches link found under the "printable sketches" tab on the right sidebar.

With the record high temperatures we've been having around here I've had little on my mind other than nice cool water. If a waterproof laptop was possible I would be the first in line to get one and spend my days soaking in a pool. You can clearly see from this sketch that water has been on my mind lately!

For the big splashes on the right page you can use many supplies like a big jeweled or chipboard  flourish, a design cut from patterned paper, hand stitching (try using a big chipboard flourish for a template), or a fun splash sticker from the many cute summer/swimming collections. Or if you have a different theme in mind for this sketch you can easily substitute any large embellishment for the big splashes and use decorative strips in place of the waves. Another option, in case you want to add more journaling, remove the big splash and use that space for more journaling.

As for the pictures, there are many options to play around. The three 6 x 4 photos on the right page can easily transform into a collage of smaller photos. There are so many combos you can use that the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas:

• Use another 6 x 4 photo in place of the three 3 x 3 photos on the left page. You might need to move the wave strips down a little to make some room.
• Use three wallet size photos in place of the three 3 x 3 photos
• Use a 7 x 5 in place of the 6 x 4 on the left page.
• Use eighteen 2 x 2 photos in place of the three 6 x 4 photos on the right page.
• Use six 3 x 4 photos in place of the three 6 x 4 photos on the right page.
• Use two vertical 4 x 6 photos in place of the three 6 x 4 photos on the right page. Adjust the designs on the right page so that the vertical strip runs along the edge of the photos like it does with the sketch as it is.

We've got another great week full of layouts to share with you so check back tomorrow to see the start of Two-page Week! 

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Sketch Support, the online class

Sketch Support, the online class, is now open for enrollment for the fall session and will begin on September 20. You can read the full description here at My Creative Classroom.



Scrapthat said...

Ooo cool one! TFS! Can't wait to see everyone's take on it! :)

Amy from KC said...

Does this course follow the same syllabus as the first Sketch Support class that you taught at MCC? (With the same sketches?)

This was a WONDERFUL class. I would love to take a "Sketch Support 2" in the future. If you haven't taken this class, I would highly recommend it. It was worth every penny!

Allison Davis said...

Amy, it is the same class. I promise, any new classes will have a different name! :)

dawn said...

I can't wait to take your class Allison, it's just what I need now that the kids are going back to school. Thanks so much.

Cindy said...

If any of you are on the fence please jump in and take this class! It is so worth the time and effort! I use what I learned here every time I scrap whether it is a 1 or 2 page layout or even a card!

mustangkayla said...

What a fantastic sketch!

connie said...

I missed this class the last time...I won't miss it this time. I love this blog, your blog and your sketch just have to take your class.